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Sarika & Mik

Amanzoe - Porto Heli - Greece

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Devon Windsor & Jonathan Barbara

St. Barthelemy

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Cap Ferrat - Villa Ephrussi Rothschild - French Riviera - France

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Sam Hirschmann ^ Eli Boskey

Borgo Egnazia - Puglia - Italy

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A word from my clients
Frames of Life, Crafted with Passion.

Step into the enchanting world of Sergio Photography…

With an unwavering passion for capturing the essence of life, Sergio Sandona stands as a true artist whose lens reveals the beauty and magic hidden within our everyday existence.

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant landscapes, Sergio's photographs transport you to a realm where time stands still. Through his masterful artistry, he weaves visual tales that evoke a sense of wonder and ignites the imagination. Sergio Sandona's portfolio is a testament to his artistic brilliance and the depth of his expertise. From sweeping panoramic vistas that take your breath away to intimate portraits that unveil the essence of a person's soul, each image resonates with emotions and tells a story beyond words. His ability to infuse colours with life and light with emotion creates a symphony that dances before your eyes, inviting you to immerse yourself in a sensory experience like no other.

With an innate ability to connect with his subjects, he captures their true essence, revealing their vulnerabilities, strengths, and unique stories. Sergio is the best photographer to capture the raw and unfiltered beauty within us all. Each photograph is meticulously crafted, with every element carefully considered, resulting in a visual symphony that speaks directly to the heart. Through his work, Sergio invites people to see the world anew, appreciate the beauty that surrounds us, and embrace joy and wonder in even the simplest of moments.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Sergio Photography, where artistry meets storytelling, and each photograph is a gateway to a world of emotions. Immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of his work, and let it transport you to a place where dreams are made tangible and memories are forever cherished. Discover the magic of Sergio Sandona, one frame at a time, and allow yourself to be swept away by the irresistible allure of his art.


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