A Destination Photographer by Nature.

I imagine, I think and I feel that, like many artists, independently from the art it is created, we start feeling something different for a passion since we have consciousness In my case, it is creating images. Photography.

Over time, we realize that we cannot do anything other than this. It is a drive, the channel of a mountain river. Useless to go against it. We fight for it, artistically doing what we like. We climb hills, we fall and we crash against the rocks (more than once). And there we are, we stand up and continue walking up the hill.

Sometimes we are satisfied and that is enough. Others touch the sky with our hands and it is a glory. And many others, nothing goes as planned. It is a warning. Again back on the valley to take courage and start climbing the hill again. One more go. Some more words, some less, this is what I feel when taking photographs and creating visual art.

I was born in Frías, a city in the Argentine northwest. A summer land of more than 40 degrees centigrades. ‘Siestas’ in which the sun sets fire to the concrete of the streets and no one is left to witness that link. Sun, earth, and asphalt coexist in solitary harmony. A wasteland. I always liked being a privileged witness to this phenomenon. Maybe that's why the first thing I started documenting were random streets from different cities, mainly from my city.

My first photography exhibition took place in Argentina in 2009. It was called “Mobile Landscapes” (Paisajes Mobiles). A synthesis of who I am: globetrotter, nomad, transhumant. From there, I worked in advertising, events, and some personal social projects that I was always passionately involved with.

Right now, in parallel to my professional activity, my volunteering work consists of documenting orphan schools around the world. In the near future, I would be involved in documenting babies' life in Namibia and South Africa together with the NGO Orange Babies, a Dutch company fighting  HIV in newborns in Africa. Later next year, I would be working in Galle, Sri Lanka, photographing orphan schools.

I am a lucky man having lived and worked in Amsterdam, Sydney, Zanzibar, London, Verona, Buenos Aires, Caracas, Córdoba, among other cities. Documentary photography gave me the eye to capture every special moment. The right moment, the exact record. Colors, sounds, smells, feelings. They all coexist and live in that universe that is my photo camera.

I cannot stop traveling and documenting lifestyles and cultures in their different contexts and landscapes. It's my job. It is my life and it is what I love. My passion.

Sergio Sandoná