I guess as every artist of all media, we started to feel something different for one singular passion ever since we had consciousness. For me, it is creating images!

With time, we understand that we cannot do anything other than this. And we fight for it, we climb mountains, we fall down and crash on the rocks (more than once). We stand up and keep pushing ourselves up the hill. We sometimes are satisfied. We sometimes touch the sky with our hands.

This is what I feel when doing photography and creating visual art. 


I started documenting random streets around countries. My first photo exhibition took place in Argentina in 2009. It was called "Paisajes móbiles". From there, I worked in advertising, events and took passion in some personal social projects. 


At the moment, on the side of my professional activity, I am documenting Orphans Schools around the world while volunteering for them. 


Documentary photography gave me the eye to catch 'the' moments. Those real, special seconds, sounds, smells, feelings. I want them in my camera.


I was blessed with the opportunity to live and work in Amsterdam, Sydney, Zanzibar, London, Verona, Buenos Aires, Frías (north of Argentina), Caracas and more. I cannot stop travelling and documenting lifestyles and cultures in their different landscape. It is my work. It is my life.


Thank you!


Sergio Sandoná