Before Committing Suicide

No ser / Do not be


Si ya no seremos, no habrá errores, ni desalojo, ni venganza, ni usura, ni olvido. Si desatáramos nuestra ausencia, un halo de perfección nos cubriría. Si ya no seremos, brillará un resplandor oscuro en nuestras alas. Si ya no seremos: ¿Podremos estropear los planes del cosmos como dioses paridos en el último grito?


Texto/Text: Eduardo Bechara, Escritor/Writer.


(English. It is not a translation of the above paragraph)

From this side of some thoughts, it comes to mind that suicide apparently is present in front of us even more frequently than what we would expect. Therefore, this piece, these group of photographs have to deal with darkens in a period of time when this 'big' word suicide was just a so present neighbour.