I guess as many photographers, artist of all medias, we started to feel something different for our singular passion since we had consciousness.

With time, we understand that we cannot do anything other than this. And we fight for it, we climb mountains, we fall down and crash on the rocks (more than once). We stand up and keep pushing ourselves up the hill. We sometimes are satisfied. We sometimes touch the sky with our hands.

This is what me, Sergio Sandoná, feels when doing photography and trying to create art in different ways. 


Having started documenting random streets around countries, I decided it was time to show it as a complete work. That was my first photo exhibition in Argentina in 2009, called "Paisajes móbiles".

I followed into photography by doing advertising campaigns shoots, special events and projects such as photo shooting Orphans Schools in Tanzania.

The second and third photo exhibitions were in 2010 'Idasvueltas' and in 2014 'El Caminante'.


Documentary photography gave me the eye the pleasure to catch moments. My clear style is catching real special seconds, sounds, smells, feelings.


I was blessed with the opportunity to live and work in Amsterdam, Sydney, Zanzibar, London, Verona, Buenos Aires, Frías (north of Argentina), Caracas, and places I am not mentioning. For now, I cannot stop travelling and documenting lifestyles and cultures in its different religions and landscapes (such as portraits, weddings, events and more). It is my work. It is my life.


At the moment I am involved in a long project documenting Orphans Schools around the world while volunteering for them at the same time. 

This is possible thanks to the work with NGO's which allow me photographing their own activities creating visual material for developing their communications for example. Furthermore, thanks to the sponsors that one day might be involved with this project.


Feel free to contact me and let's get to know us better.



Sergio Sandoná


I began my life in photography in 2009 with my first solo exhibition 'paisajes móviles' hold in Frías, my hometown in the north of Argentina. In 2010 I presented my second solo exhibition 'idasvueltas', and later in 2014 my third public showing 'el caminante' took place in the great city of Buenos Aires.


My work gradually caught the attention of brands such as Vogue, McDonalds, Renault, Colgate, along with many others featured here.


The highlight of my career was my work being recognised by Vogue Magazine US in their top 5 weddings of 2015 (images featured in this gallery).


Photography + Art lift me up.


Feel free to contact me and let's get to know us better.