Be a Carpenter

While I spent time in Sydney in 2015 for my second time in Australia, I have worked as a Carpenter. Yes, a Carpenter. 

I have done things with wood and nails and hammers and machines while I was much younger but never a Carpenter.

Suddenly, I found myself with not many incomes, not savings, and have to pay my rent. Immediately started working for this xXxXx Project company where I actually had one of the best time I ever could.

And one day, the sweet and beautiful Nina (still my friend), the second girl underneath, covering her face, proposed me to do some portraits of employees from this xXxXx Project company. Since the first person entered the 'Photo Room,' fun was just part of us'. Laugh and creating personages was in the blood of all of us. A great Working Team. Nobody wanted a photo to look like the person before on the queue. Let's use whatever we can to build up a 'Unique Carpenter'.

I want it, I need it, I will do it again.

Missing you my ex-colleagues. Thank you for teaching me how you develop your abilities in whatever there inside xXxXx Cia.